Our Comprehensive Services

Whether you desire unperceivable restorative dentistry, the finest in cosmetic dentistry, or basic family dentistry needs, our Highlands Ranch area dentists offer a wide range of dental treatments.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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Smile Design

Your smile illuminates your face, draws attention to your personality, and speaks volumes about your inner beauty. It’s one of the most powerful assets you possess as an individual. At Homestead Dental, our expert dentists have the ability to transform smile flaws into a bright, natural-looking smile through customized smile design treatments. This process combines the latest cosmetic procedures, innovative tools, and a high-end dental lab to recreate your smile so it reflects the image you want the world to see.
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Teeth Whitening

Our options in teeth whitening give Centennial patients the added boost needed to make their smiles sparkle and shine. We offer take-home whitening, which is extremely effective in producing dramatically whiter smiles.
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Gum Contouring

Many who are looking to make cosmetic improvements to their smile don’t actually have any problems with their teeth. Instead, their main concern is that their teeth appear too short or crooked because of too much or uneven gum tissue. We can easily fix that gummy smile with laser dentistry.
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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are among the most popular ways to transform a damaged smile into one that’s absolutely gorgeous. Veneers offer dramatic results by changing the shape, size, length, width, and color of teeth. Chips, cracks, spaces, staining, and misalignment can all be corrected using veneers. What makes porcelain veneers different at Homestead Dental? Our dentists choose to work with a high-end dental lab that has redesigned the smiles of celebrities and the social elite; it's also the lab that Dr. O’Neill chose for his very own smile makeover!
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Tooth bonding is a conservative and affordable way to transform unsightly smiles into works of art. Bonding uses composite resin materials to mask tooth imperfections such as: breaks, cracks, and chips, permanent staining, spaces between teeth, misalignment, and worn enamel. The best part of bonding: We can correct these flaws in one visit!

Our Family Dentistry Services

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Good oral hygiene at home combined with regular hygiene appointments at Homestead Dental is imperative for a lifelong healthy smile. Studies have revealed there’s a direct link between your oral health and overall wellness. This discovery has motivated our team of experts to make your hygiene appointments effective to keep your smile and, most importantly, YOU healthy.
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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has surpassed many traditional dental practices, making treatments—quite simply—a better overall experience! The dental laser is so versatile, it has become the most precise method for many treatments and because of its amazing ability to minimize pain and speed recovery time, is often the best option for patients. Our dentists near Highlands Ranch can perform everyday treatments with our lasers, including gum contouring, periodontal therapy, and crown lengthening.
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Metal-Free Fillings

Say “goodbye” to metal! We’re proud to make metal-free fillings an integral part of our practice.Tooth-colored composite resin materials can be bonded directly to a tooth, making metal-free fillings a conservative restoration that blends naturally with the rest of your smile.

Our Restorative Dentistry Services

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To strengthen a damaged tooth and return beauty to your smile, the restoration of choice is often a dental crown. Dr. O’Neill and Dr. Schope offer crowns that fit snugly over a tooth to give it strength, durability, and an all-natural appearance. And because they look so natural, crowns can also be used to reshape or whiten teeth to create a healthy, vibrant smile.
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Bridges are natural-looking tooth replacements that help maintain facial structure, relieve stress on the jaw, and restore a smile by filling in the space left behind by missing teeth. Bridges can restore your ability to bite and chew, improve speech, and prevent remaining teeth from drifting. We use only the best techniques and materials available; your bridge will offer long-lasting strength and beauty after tooth loss.
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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent solution that directly replace the tooth root after tooth loss. They can be used to improve a number of serious dental problems, ranging from the replacement of one single missing tooth to an entire mouth of teeth that were beyond repair. Dr. O’Neill and Dr. Schope work closely with an implant surgeon to give you the opportunity to receive the leading tooth replacement solution. Then, the surgeon will pass the baton to our dentists to restore a beautiful crown to blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

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