Meet Dr. Kevin O’Neill

“I started Homestead Dental 30 years ago to provide passionate dental care to all my patients and help them smile again.”

- Dr. O’Neill, Centennial Dentist

Dr. Kevin O'Neill a dentist in Centennial, CO at Homestead Dental

‘‘I’ve always had a passion for creating beautiful and life-changing smiles. This has inspired me to pursue the best training to give you comfortable dental care.


My Journey as a Dentist in Centennial, CO


  • Graduated from The University of Minnesota with a DDS degree.
  • Continually pursues educational courses and advanced training from many of the leading educators in dentistry.
Bragging Rights

  • Certified in laser surgery - one of the first practitioners in Colorado to use the dental laser.
  • 1 of 3 dentists in Colorado to use the MLS Laser
  • Voted Top Dentist in Colorado from 5280 Magazine every year since 2013.

Actual Patient Review

‘‘In 1995, before I became a patient of Dr. O’Neill, I had veneers put on my teeth to improve my smile. Although my smile was improved, I was still disappointed in the overall look of my smile. Ten years later I went to see Dr. Kevin O’Neill. He was able to show me that by reshaping my gum line, whitening my existing teeth and replacing my veneers with newer, improved veneers, I could have a brighter, fuller, and more symmetrical smile. I am so glad I put my smile in his hands! The procedures were done with the highest degree of comfort and ease. I absolutely love my smile now!



Actual Referral Review

‘‘Drs. O'Neill and Schope are dentists that love what they do...they are great dentists and even better people. Both doctors are fully vested in making their patients feel comfortable, welcome, and safe. Not only are they wonderful individuals who created an inviting practice, they are fantastic technicians and diagnosticians - masters of their craft! They are always willing to go above and beyond. Kevin and Andy are both doctors that we would highly recommend and have already entrusted to treat our closest friends and family!


Did you know I’m certified to use the MLS Laser?


Complimentary MLS Laser Consultation

MLS laser therapy uses a device that delivers low level bursts of light energy, precisely directed to the area of treatment. Why use it?

  • Extremely safe
  • Non-invasive (no cutting)
  • Fast
  • Has no side effects

For a limited time, I am offering a free consultation for the MLS Laser. All you need to do is present our coupon at the time of your appointment.


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