For many, the holiday season is filled with family, friends, and, of course, tons of delectable eats! However, consuming certain food and drinks can give your smile a less than desirable shade of Merlot. How can you keep your smile as bright as your holiday spirit? Here's a handy list of DO'S and DON’TS provided by your Centennial Dentist for this holiday season. Centennial Dentist DO’S: Chew, Chew, Chew - Look for foods that require a lot of chewing, as these act as natural exfoliants and will help to eliminate stains from your teeth. Eat those Greens - Green vegetables, like spinach, actually create a thin film on your teeth that protect them from stains! At your next party, eat up your greens, but do try to avoid spinach caught between your front teeth (not a good look). Wash it Down - Don't simply forego that glass of eggnog or your favorite wine or coffee. You can still enjoy your favorites beverages, but just alternate drinking some water after a few sips to prevent the stain particles from lingering on your pearly whites. DON’TS: Put it Off - Your teeth are similar to clothing: if it stains your clothes, it will stain your teeth! After eating, if any of your meals components seem like they might stain, brush your teeth as soon as possible. Home-Sweet-Home - Stains tend to make themselves at home in the areas between your teeth, so be sure to give a little extra attention to those in between areas. Eliminate plaque and stain molecules at the same time by flossing every day! No Cheating - While gum, mints and mouthwash can give your mouth a fresher feel, brushing and flossing are the only effective ways to remove stains. Don’t go the easy way - do it right!   Our options in teeth whitening give Centennial patients the added boost needed to make their smiles sparkle and shine. We also offer take-home whitening, which is extremely effective in producing dramatically whiter smiles. Smile brightly for the holidays with these informative tips and call us if you wish to schedule a teeth whitening consultation with your Centennial Dentist. Do you have other methods for maintaining the luster on your pearly whites? Please comment below, and share your stories!