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3 of Your Centennial Dentists’ Favorite Places In Town

We are proud to be part of our community! Centennial is more than just home to us; it’s a great way of living. As your Centennial dentists, we have gotten to know the area pretty well. Check out 3 of our favorite restaurants, places, and activities in town!

 Adventure time with the kiddos

We are parents, spouses, and working professionals ourselves, we know how difficult it is to balance work, family, and “me time”. Fortunately, years of caring for families of our own and those of the Centennial community has taught us a many a lesson in practical simplicity. That’s right, don’t stress it, your children will remember the simplest of times so long as they spend that time with you. Our suggestion is to take them to The Centennial Center Park – an 11-acre city park with a kids’ water playground, nature areas, and an amphitheater! Let them define the joy of each activity, and they will thank you years later for bringing them on family adventures.

Spavia Centennial Recommendation by Homestead Dental
Your dentists serving the Centennial and Highlands community recommend a spa day at SPAVIA!


Don’t take the kiddos

What is this mysterious “me time” we mentioned above? It’s a time you carefully, tactfully, and justly set aside to reboot, relax, and care for yourself. A small investment in yourself that will yield large returns in the years to come. We recommend having a spa day all to yourself. Check out Spavia, which is receiving rave reviews from TripAdvisor. Thank us later.


Celebrate the Italian way

Some of the best times in life are spent with family and friends around a table feast of exquisite choices. And few cultures know how to make family time revolve around food like the Italian. We recommend Farro Italian Restaurant due to its home-like ambiance and brick oven pizza. Their requisite Italian classics and modern dishes are infused with the passion of this great culture.



That’s it for now! Go show these local places some love! Tag us in your #selfies if you can to tell us about your wonderful experiences. Remember to check out our Centennial Dentists Community page for more hot tips around town.

Yours sincerely,

Your dentists in Centennial, the Homestead Dental team.