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The 2 Startling Reasons to Take Control of Your Oral Health

Improve your oral health by taking a holistic or comprehensive view of dentistry

It’s easy to put off things we don’t enjoy. Mowing the lawn, fixing the bed or going to the gym. But most of the time we do them anyway. Why? We understand the benefits and that provides the motivation. Why should visiting your dentist and caring for your oral health not be something you avoid?

Statistic about how many people took control of their oral health and visited their dentist last year
Are you someone who missed their dental visit this year? Source.

We understand that in today’s downward economy, there are many reasons to avoid your yearly dental hygiene exam. The time off work for the appointment, the cost out of your precious budget and maybe even fear of painful procedures.

Let your Centennial dentist give you two reasons you may not have considered to provide the motivation for you to make your oral health your priority.

1. An ounce of oral health prevention is worth a pound of cure

Benjamin Franklin wasn’t referring to your oral hygiene, but it still works. Clearly, keeping a problem from happening is far better than fixing it after it happens. Problems with your teeth, such as cavities and gum disease, are no exception.

It is in your best interests to keep as much of your teeth intact as possible. The less invasive your dental procedures, the longer your teeth will last. With that in mind, your family dentist will recommend several preventative strategies:

  • at-home oral hygiene — that means brushing and flossing at least twice a day
  • fluoride use — at-home use in toothpaste and mouthwash as well as treatments at dental offices strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay
  • regular dental visits — cleaning and exams every 6 months is ideal
  • sealants — a thin coating over chewing surfaces for children
  • diet and lifestyle — avoiding sugary foods that cause plaque and tooth decay and smoking and chewing tobacco that contribute to gum disease

Typically preventative treatments are less costly than fixing more extensive problems and in many cases are fully covered by your insurance provider. Need more motivation?

2. Oral health is a window to your overall health

Generally, if your mouth is healthy your overall health is good. For example, your mouth is full of bacteria that in a healthy immune system rarely enters the bloodstream. But if you have gum disease, instead of being eliminated, bleeding will allow harmful bacteria to enter your bloodstream and may cause infections in other parts of your body.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry:

More than 90 percent of diseases have symptoms that appear in your mouth first making your oral health exam a prioritySome of these systemic diseases that affect parts of, or even your entire body, include diabetes, oral cancer (and other cancers) and heart disease.

This discovery has motivated your Centennial dentist to care about your whole health, not just your teeth. When you visit Homestead Dental, you get more than just a teeth cleaning. Dr. Schope practices comprehensive dentistry to make your hygiene appointments effective to keep your smile and, most importantly, YOU healthy.

What is comprehensive dentistry?

Instead of looking at the surface, comprehensive (or holistic) dentists examine the possible causes of a dental problem and then provide a total and permanent solution. At your next exam, inform your dentist of any recent health developments, even if you think they are unrelated to your oral health.

To learn more about comprehensive dentistry and why it makes sense, download our free Comprehensive Dentistry infographic now and take control of not only your oral health but the health and well-being of your whole self.

Learn more about comprehensive dentistry by downloading our free infographic

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