Dental Pain Management With MLS Laser Therapy

Dr. Schope offers MLS laser treatment to provide immediate pain relief.

Imagine dental pain management with no pills or side effects!

MLS cold laser therapy uses light energy to decrease and eliminate pain. The laser works by reducing inflammation, reducing pain and promoting the body’s ability to heal itself. MLS cold laser therapy is totally safe and has no negative side effects.

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‘‘Our results with MLS cold laser therapy have been phenomenal. The treatments have our patients saying ‘Wow, that’s unbelievable!'

Dr. Schope, Highlands Ranch area dentist

How Do We Use MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS cold laser therapy uses a device that delivers low level bursts of light energy, precisely directed to the area of treatment. It is safe, non-invasive (no cutting), and fast. It can be used to treat both pain and inflammation.
Head with lighting logo - TMJ Treatment
TMJ Treatment

MLS cold laser therapy can provide immediate relief for those suffering from chronic pain and headaches caused by TMJ/TMD that other therapies can’t.

Clock with flames icon - Pain Management
Pain Management

Using MLS cold laser therapy manages your pain, reduces inflammation and swelling. This makes your visits faster, easier, and fewer.

Blooming flower sparkling - Post Surgery
Post Surgery

Using MLS cold laser after oral surgery in our Centennial, CO office stimulates tissue and nerve regeneration. This speeds your healing while managing pain.

FAQs on MLS Laser Therapy Straight From Our Centennial and Highlands Ranch Area Dentist

  • How does it work?

    MLS Cold lasers simply use light energy. This energy works as a fuel source for cells, helping them to produce endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers) and anti-inflammatory properties to fight infection. The light also increases blood flow to stimulate healing.

  • Why use it?
    • Quick and easy procedure
    • Extremely safe
    • Non-invasive
    • No side effects
    • Cost effective – saves you money!
    • Highly effective
  • When can I get started?

    Now! For a limited time, we are offering a complimentary one-on-one meeting with Dr. Schope.

Ready to see how MLS Cold Laser Therapy will help you?